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Question 1: [1] ________ deported religious objectors and criminals to America in large numbers before 1730.
EnglandUnited KingdomWalesScotland

Question 2: [7] Article 18 of the ________' Draft Code of Crimes Against the Peace and Security of Mankind declares "large scale" arbitrary or forcible deportation to be a crime against humanity.
United Nations Security CouncilIsrael, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 3: In the 19th century, the federal government of the United States (particularly during the administration of President ________) deported numerous Native American tribes.
Martin Van BurenGeorge M. DallasAndrew JacksonAl Gore

Question 4: [15] For an example, see the ________.
Labor rightsSitdown strikeAnarcho-syndicalismBisbee Deportation

Question 5: Deportation is an ancient practice: ________, Sassanid King of Persia, deported 292,000 citizens, slaves, and conquered people to the new city of Ctesiphon in 542 C.E..
Roman EmpireJustinian IKhosrau IIKhosrau I

Question 6: ________ of 1885-1890 (historical)
Pan-SlavismGerman EmpirePrussian deportationsGermany

Question 7: The expulsion of natives is also called banishment, ________, or penal transportation.
SlaveryHuman rightsExileUniversal suffrage

Question 8: The euphemism "deportation", occurring frequently in accounts of the ________ in various locations, thus means in effect "sent to their deaths" - as distinct from deportations in other times and places.
The HolocaustAntisemitismResponsibility for the HolocaustHolocaust (resources)

Question 9: American state and local authorities also practiced deportation of undesirables, criminals, ________, and others.
Strike actionService Employees International UnionTeamstersUnion organizer

Question 10: Already in ________ of the 18th century it was agreed upon that expulsion of a nation from the territory which it inhabits is not allowable.
Natural lawThomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant


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