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Depolarization: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, the membrane currents giving rise to depolarization are either an increase in inward current, or a decrease in outward current.
Patch clampNeuronVoltage clampAction potential

Question 2: In neurons and some other cells, a large enough depolarization may result in an ________.
Chemical synapseIon channelAction potentialPhotoreceptor cell

Question 3: In biology, depolarization is a change in a cell's ________, making it more positive, or less negative.
Resting potentialAction potentialNeuronMembrane potential

Question 4: If, for example, a cell has a ________ of -70mV, and the membrane potential changes to -50mV, then the cell has been depolarized.
Resting potentialIon channelGoldman equationAction potential

Question 5: Depolarization is often caused by influx of ________, e.g.
ElectrolyteIonHalf cellLithium-ion battery


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