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Question 1: ________ deals with putting mechanisms in place that will allow a system to still deliver the required service in the presence of faults, although that service may be at a degraded level.
Failure transparencyRedundancy (engineering)Fault-tolerant systemFault-tolerant design

Question 2: This definition was further enhanced [6] to incorporate ________ and Security.
SafetyTransportAutomotive engineeringSafety engineering

Question 3: Security is a composite of ________, Integrity, and Availability.

Question 4: ________ - absence of improper system alteration
Scientific methodTruthVirtueIntegrity

Question 5: The wider use of this noun is in ________.
Systems engineeringSafety engineeringArtificial intelligenceSoftware engineering

Question 6: ________ - absence of catastrophic consequences on the user(s) and the environment
TransportSafety engineeringAutomotive engineeringSafety


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