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Departments of France: Quiz


Question 1: Following Napoleon's defeats in 1814-1815, the ________ returned France to its pre-war size; the number of departments was reduced to 86, as three of the original departments had been split.
Congress of ViennaHundred DaysPrussiaNapoleonic Wars

Question 2: Overseas collectivities
Sui generis collectivity
Overseas country
Overseas territory
MayotteSaint Pierre and MiquelonSaint BarthélemyClipperton Island

Question 3: Counting the four overseas departments________, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion—the total comes to 100 departments.
French GuianaParisFranceLaos

Question 4: ^12 Number 91 was formerly assigned to Alger, in ________
MaghrebIndigénatFrench AlgeriaFrench colonial empire

Question 5: Each department is administered by a general council (conseil général), an assembly elected for six years by ________, with the president of the council as executive of the department.
Universal suffrageWomen's suffrageRacismSlavery

Question 6: The departments of Moselle, Bas-Rhin, and most of Haut-Rhin were ceded to the German Empire in 1871, following France's defeat in the ________.
Franco-Prussian WarAlsace-LorraineOtto von BismarckStrasbourg

Question 7: In 1860, France acquired the County of Nice and ________, which led to the creation of three new departments.

Question 8: The reorganisation of lower France (1968) and the division of ________ (1975) added six more departments, raising the total to 96.

Question 9: When France regained the ceded departments after ________, the Territoire de Belfort was not reintegrated into Haut-Rhin.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignWorld War IArmenian Genocide

Question 10: There is no number 20, but 2A and 2B instead, for ________.


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