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Dengeki Comic Gao!: Quiz


Question 1: This was also when the Gao as printed on the magazine cover was changed from being spelled in ________ (ガオ ?) to being spelled in English stylized as gao.
Man'yōganaKatakanaChinese characterHiragana

Question 2: Monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! (月刊電撃コミックガオ! Gekkan Dengeki Komikku Gao! ?) was a Japanese shōnen manga magazine[1] that primarily contained ________ and information about series featuring bishōjo characters.
Shōjo mangaYaoiMangaManga outside Japan

Question 3: ________
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru SoraDengeki Comic Gao!MediaWorks (publisher)Japan

Question 4: Many manga serialized in Dengeki Comic Gao! were adapted from light novels published under MediaWorks' ________ label.
Dengeki G's MagazineDengeki DaiohDengeki BunkoDengeki Comics


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