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Demonology: Quiz


Question 1: In ancient ________, demonology had an influence on even the most mundane elements of life, from petty annoyances to the emotions of love and hatred.
MesopotamiaBabylonBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 2: angels in the ________ tradition that fell from grace,[4]
BibleJudeo-ChristianChristianity and JudaismMessianic Judaism

Question 3: human ________ regarded as genii or familiars,[14]

Question 4: In ________, the Mpongwe believe in local spirits, just as do the Inuit; but they are regarded as inoffensive in the main.
North AfricaWest AfricaEuropeNigeria

Question 5: The ________ declares that there are 7,405,926 demons, divided in 72 companies.
Rabbinic literatureJewish philosophyMidrashTalmud

Question 6: Many religions and cultures believe, or once believed, that what is now known as ________, was a form of physical contact with demons.
Sleep paralysisNarcolepsySleep apneaAdvanced sleep phase syndrome

Question 7: such as receive a cult (e.g., ________),[4]
GhostVeneration of the deadDay of the DeadChristianity

Question 8: Practitioners of ceremonial magic sometimes attempt to constrain and command demons to do their bidding, using methods such as the Goetia and ________.
Aleister CrowleyThe Book of AbramelinAbramelin oilKabbalah

Question 9: [22] While most people believe that ________ and Satan are different names for the same being, not all scholars subscribe to this view.
Paradise LostHeavenDevilLucifer

Question 10: It is primarily based on the ________ (Old Testament and New Testament), the exegesis of these scriptures, the scriptures of early Christian philosophers and hermits, tradition, and legends incorporated from other beliefs.
Biblical canonNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBible

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