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Demography of Afghanistan: Quiz


Question 1: Other smaller groups include Pashai, Pamiris, Kurds, Aimaks, ________, Tatars, Kyrgyz, Brahui, and Arabs.
KhokharNandaBagri (clan)Gujjar

Question 2: An approximate distribution of ethnic groups based on the ________[13] is as following:
The World FactbookUnited StatesCyprusFrance

Question 3: From 1747 until 1823, ________ and his descendants held the monarchy in direct session.
Ahmad Shah DurraniDurrani EmpireAfghanistanKabul

Question 4: The following demographic statistics are from the ________, unless otherwise indicated.
United StatesCyprusThe World FactbookFrance

Question 5: The population of ________ is 28,396,000, according to the "significantly revised" October 30, 2009 CIA Factbook.
NATONon-Aligned MovementAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 6: The major difference between them is that they are generally of the ________ sect while other Tajiks are of the Sunni sect.
Islamic theologyShia IslamIslamophobiaIslamic schools and branches

Question 7: The Turkmen are the smaller Turkic group who can also be found in neighboring Turkmenistan and ________ particularly around Mashad.
Iran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanIranIraq

Question 8: About 99% of Afghanistan's population is Muslim with the majority as ________ Muslims.
RashidunAliIslamic schools and branchesSunni Islam

Question 9: The majority of Afghanistan's population are ________, notably the Pashtuns and the Tajiks.
ScythiansPersian peopleIranian peoplesIndo-Iranians

Question 10: There are also small ________ and Sikh populations in the major cities of the country.


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