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Demography and politics of Northern Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: Secretary of State: ________ MP
Tessa JowellPeter MandelsonPeter HainShaun Woodward

Question 2: Voters may also perceive voting to be about strengthening the hand of their section of the community within Northern Ireland, or about gaining advantage for their ________.
Working classSocial classUpper classSocial stratification

Question 3: In local government the significantly nationalist area of ________ produced a Unionist majority through the gerrymandering of the electoral ward.

Question 4: most Northern Ireland members of House of Lords, including Eileen Paisley and ________ come from a Unionist background — see List of Northern Ireland Members of the House of Lords.
Peter Robinson (politician)David Trimble, Baron TrimbleIan PaisleyJohn Hume

Question 5: ________: 3,008 (0.2%)
United KingdomWalesEnglandScotland

Question 6: ________
List of political parties in Northern IrelandUnited Unionist CoalitionList of political parties in WalesList of political parties in the United Kingdom

Question 7: The DUP have grown in recent years as they are the only major party to oppose the ________.
Belfast AgreementNorthern Ireland AssemblyNorthern IrelandSt Andrews Agreement

Question 8: For example, in the 1998–2003 Assembly, there was a Catholic Member of the Legislative Assembly sitting for the ________.
Conservative Party (UK)Ulster Unionist PartyDavid CameronMargaret Thatcher

Question 9: However, many in both parties are hostile to the idea, with some in the SDLP pointing out to the left-wing links between the party and the ________.
Socialist Party (Ireland)Fine GaelSinn FéinLabour Party (Ireland)

Question 10: Among the cross-community parties, the Alliance Party draws its support mainly from middle-class professionals in the suburbs of ________.
BelfastCardiffNorthern IrelandEdinburgh


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