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Demographics of Taiwan: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (世界基督教統一神靈協會)
Sun Myung MoonUnification Church of the United StatesMoonie (Unification Church)Unification Church

Question 2: The official national language is Standard Mandarin, although a majority also speak Taiwanese (dialect of Min Nan; a Southern ________ language) and Hakka.

Question 3: The majority speak a dialect form of ________ (Southern Fujianese language), commonly referred to as Taiwanese, which was the most common language prior to the ROC takeover.
Min NanHokkienTeochew dialectChinese language

Question 4: As of May 2006, there were 11,486 recorded cases of HIV of which 2,631 were confirmed with ________.
ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDSAIDS dementia complexHerpes simplex

Question 5: Article 13 of the ________ guarantees freedom of religion as a right of all its citizens.
Constitution of the Republic of ChinaConstitution of the People's Republic of ChinaHong Kong Basic LawForeign relations of the Republic of China

Question 6: Chinese romanisation in Taiwan uses both ________ which has been officially adopted by the central government, and Tongyong pinyin which some localities use.
ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 646

Question 7: The people of Taiwan are officially "Chinese citizens" recognized by the Republic of China government and the majority of the population are descendants of Han Chinese immigrants from the adjacent ________ province in mainland China.

Question 8: ________ churches have been active in Taiwan for many years, a majority of which are Protestant, with Presbyterians playing a particularly significant role.
ChristianityEcumenismChristian denominationBaptist

Question 9: Islam is a static religion but has seen a surge in recent years as a result of foreign Muslims seeking work in Taiwan, most notably from ________.

Question 10: On the ________, the Foochow dialect, a Min Dong (Eastern Fujianese) dialect, is spoken.
Matsu IslandsKinmenPenghuTaiwan


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