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Demographics of Karnataka: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is the official language of Karnataka[1] and is spoken as a native language by about 64.75% of the people.
Kannada languageTamil languageMalayalamTelugu language

Question 2: [5] The state has one of the largest populations of ________ in India.
British AsianBritish IndianIndo-CanadiansAnglo-Indian

Question 3: [2] Karnataka is also in the fore-front of population control measures with the world's first two ________ clinics being setup in the year 1930 in the Mandya district.
CondomSafe sexBirth controlPregnancy

Question 4: The joint family system is prevalent in the rural areas of Karnataka and there are extreme cases like the Narasinganavars who reside in the ________ and are recognised as one of the largest undivided families in the world.
Dharwad districtHubballiBangaloreNorth Karnataka

Question 5: [4] As per the 2001 census, the eight largest cities of Karnataka in order of their population are ________, Hubli-Dharwad, Mysore, Gulbarga, Belgaum,Mangalore ,Davanagere and Shimoga.
KrishnarajapuraBangaloreBugle RockBengaluru Pete

Question 6: 83.9% of the population are Hindu, 12.2% are Muslim, 1.9% are ________, 0.78% are Jains, 0.73% are Buddhist, 0.03% are Sikhs, and remaining belong to other religions.
ChristianityJesusChristianCatholic Church

Question 7: [8] The state has a birth rate of 2.2%, death rate of 0.72%, an infant mortality rate of 5.5%, a maternal mortality rate of 0.195% and 2.2 being ________.
Total fertility rateSub-replacement fertilityDemographyDemographic-economic paradox

Question 8: Gadag, Chamarajanagar and ________ districts have a population of less than a million.
Mallalli FallsKodaguKarnatakaAbbey Falls

Question 9: ________ having a total population of 52,850,562 is one of the major states in South India.


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