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Demographics of Karachi: Quiz


Question 1: [6] The ________, the local name for Afro-Pakistanis, trace their roots to African soldiers and slaves.
Afro-ArabBlack BritishSiddiAfrican diaspora

Question 2: According to the UNHCR and the local law enforcement, approximately 50,000 registered ________ live in Karachi.
Afghan refugeesPakistanTalibanAfghanistan

Question 3: [citation needed] Nearly all ________ are Hanafis, with a small Wahhabi population.
Islamic schools and branchesAliSunni IslamRashidun

Question 4: These developments in Karachi resulted in large influx of Parsis, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Marathis, Goans, ________, Chinese, British, Lebanese and Gujaratis.
Armenian Apostolic ChurchArmeniansArmenian languageArmenian diaspora

Question 5: After Pakistan's independence, most of the ________ refugees settled in Karachi.

Question 6: [3] Although ________ has been the nation's capital since the 1960s, Karachi's population continues to grow at about 5% per annum, largely thanks to its strong economic base.

Question 7: Most Muhajirs have converted to ________ during the Muslim rule of South Asia under the influence of Sufis.
MosqueIslamic schools and branchesMuslim historyIslam

Question 8: The original population of ________ was Balochis and Sindhis.
Baba Bhit IslandKarachiPakistanDefence Housing Society Karachi

Question 9: After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, thousands of Biharis and Bengalis from ________ arrived in the city, followed by Rohingya refugees[8] from Burma and Asians from Uganda.
BangladeshSri LankaMalaysiaMaldives

Question 10: The uniting factors of Muhajirs are ________ and Urdu language.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches


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