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Demographics of Japan: Quiz


Question 1: During the Tokugawa period, such people were required to live in special buraku and, like the rest of the population, were bound by ________ based on the inheritance of social class.
FashionSumptuary lawNational costumeSilk

Question 2: Historically, the Ainu were an indigenous ________ and gathering population who occupied most of northern Honshū as late as the Nara period (A.D.
HuntingGray WolfRed FoxRaccoon

Question 3: Some 10,000 ________ naturalize every year.
Korean diasporaKoryo-saramSakhalin KoreansKoreans in Japan

Question 4: Japanese immigration authorities work in union with police to investigate those reported, and human rights groups such as ________ have argued that those reported do not receive proper legal protection.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesAung San Suu KyiPeacekeepingAmnesty International

Question 5: Metropolitan ________-Yokohama, with 35,000,000 people, is the world's most populous city.
TokyoMinato, TokyoGreater Tokyo AreaBeijing

Question 6: These descendants of premodern outcast hereditary occupational groups, such as butchers, leatherworkers, funeral directors, and certain entertainers, may be considered a Japanese analog of ________'s Dalits.
Lok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 7: ________
Suruga ProvinceTōtōmi ProvinceDemographics of Japan before Meiji RestorationKawachi Province

Question 8: [4] Japan has indigenous minority groups such as the Ainu and ________ and social minority groups like the burakumin.
Okinawa PrefectureAmami IslandsRyukyu IslandsRyukyuan people

Question 9: The following demographic statistics are from the ________, unless otherwise indicated.
FranceUnited StatesCyprusThe World Factbook

Question 10: It ranks 32nd in a list of countries by population density, ranking directly above India (336 per km²) and directly below ________ (341 per km²).
United KingdomBelgiumSpainDenmark

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