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Democritus: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: Democritus was born in the city of Abdera in Thrace, an ________ colony of Teos,[5] although some called him a Milesian.
IoniansMycenaean GreeceAegean civilizationsDorians

Question 3: [14] Diogenes Laertius says that he was friends with ________.
AristotleHippocratesAncient GreeceAncient Greek medicine

Question 4: They were driven together into ________ for fear of wild animals, he said.
DemocracySocietyPolitical philosophyJürgen Habermas

Question 5:
When was Democritus born?
ca. 460 BC

Question 6:
Who of the following did Democritus influence?

Question 7:
What philosophical school did Democritus belong to?

Question 8: ________ criticized the atomists for not providing an account for the cause of the original motion of atoms.
EmpiricismBertrand RussellAristotlePlato

Question 9:
Which of the following was of most interest to Democritus?

Question 10:
When did Democritus die?
ca. 1112/14
388 BC
died ca 370 BC
ca. 430 BC


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