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Democratic Caucus of the United States Senate: Quiz


Question 1: In response, Democratic Leader ________ created a position of the Vice Chairman, making it the third ranking Democratic position, after Leader and Whip.
Harry ReidRobert ByrdJohn EnsignDick Durbin

Question 2: The ________ opened on January 3, 2009 with 55 Democrats and two independents in the caucus, for a total of 57 members.
111th United States Congress110th United States Congress108th United States Congress109th United States Congress

Question 3: The two independent members are Senators Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and ________ of Vermont.
Robert ByrdJohn KerryPatrick LeahyBernie Sanders

Question 4: The party change of ________ (from Republican to Democratic) on April 28, 2009 brought the total to 59.
Patrick LeahyArlen SpecterBob Casey, Jr.Joe Lieberman

Question 5: ________ (1937-1949)
Richard Mentor JohnsonAlben W. BarkleyHarry S. TrumanJohn C. Breckinridge

Question 6: In the ________, the Democratic Caucus additionally includes two independent senators who formally caucus with the Democrats for the purpose of committee assignments and Senate organization, bringing the total to 60.
109th United States Congress108th United States Congress111th United States Congress110th United States Congress

Question 7: ________ (1953-1961)
John F. KennedyJimmy CarterHarry S. TrumanLyndon B. Johnson

Question 8: Membership dropped back to 59 at the death of ________ Senator Ted Kennedy on August 26th.
MassachusettsRhode IslandMaineConnecticut

Question 9: ________ (2005-present)
Robert ByrdDick DurbinHarry ReidJohn Ensign

Question 10: When Democratic Senator ________ of Minnesota was sworn in on July 7, 2009, membership increased to 60.
Joe LiebermanAl FrankenAmy KlobucharJohn Kerry


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