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Question 1: Democracy is a political ________ carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (Representative democracy).

Question 2:
Who played Rose Greig the movie Democracy?
Alice O'Brien
Alice Russon
Queenie Thomas
Mrs. Hubert Willis

Question 3: ________ is a political system where the citizens participate in the decision-making personally, contrary to relying on intermediaries or representatives.The supporters of direct democracy argue that democracy is more than merely a procedural issue.
SociocracyDemarchyTotalitarian democracyDirect democracy

Question 4: Economic malaise in the 1980s, along with resentment of communist oppression, contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the associated end of the ________, and the democratization and liberalization of the former Eastern bloc countries.
Cold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarJoseph Stalin

Question 5: Fascism and dictatorships flourished in Nazi Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as nondemocratic regimes in the Baltics, the ________, Brazil, Cuba, China, and Japan, among others.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 6: In the 1920s democracy flourished, but the ________ brought disenchantment, and most of the countries of Europe, Latin America, and Asia turned to strong-man rule or dictatorships.
Great DepressionFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)United States

Question 7: The ________ rarely praised and often criticized democracy, which in their time tended to specifically mean direct democracy; James Madison argued, especially in The Federalist No.

Question 8:
What role did Mrs. Hubert Willis play in the movie Democracy?
Mary Greig
Diana Tudworth
Rose Greig

Question 9:
Who played Gerald Tudworth the movie Democracy?
Frank Dane
Wyndham Guise
Frank Dane
Bruce Gordon

Question 10: ________, Liberty or Equality
FascismEuropeRight-wing politicsErik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

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