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Demigod: Quiz


Question 1: When her husband, King Pandu, was cursed to die if he ever engaged in sexual relations, Kunti used this mantra to provide her husband with children: Yudishtira (father Yama), Bhima (father Vayu) and ________ (father Indra).
ArjunaMahabharataBhagavad GitaDurvasa

Question 2: There are two notable demigods in Hindu mythology namely Hanuman or Aanjaneya (son of Anjana) also called Vaayu-putra (son of Vaayu or wind god) and ________, the legendary transport of Lord Vishnu.

Question 3: A few examples of demigods include the Celtic hero ________, Sumerian king Gilgamesh, Ancient-Germanic "woodsman" Ansel, and Greek hero Hercules.
Conchobar mac NessaUlster CycleIrish mythologyCú Chulainn

Question 4: ________ became the father of many heroes as a result of his alliances, and after death they were accorded honors, especially among those Greeks who claimed to be their descendants and, through them, to have claims on the protection and patronage of a god.
ZeusCronusApolloGreek mythology

Question 5: The hero's mother manages to lie with king and god in the same night (e.g., the mother of Theseus) or to be visited secretly by the god (e.g., Danaë, mother of ________), and the seed of the two fathers is mixed in her womb.
HeraclesGreek mythologyPerseusApollo

Question 6: The veneration of heroes was part of ________ rites in the religion of Greece.
ProtogenoiHadesChthonicGreek mythology

Question 7: An exception was ________, who was accepted in the passage of time among the Twelve Olympians.
Trojan WarHeraclesGreek mythologyApollo

Question 8: Thus the heroes have ________ qualities that enable them to have great strength, to cross the threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead yet return safely, and to mediate long after their death between human and divine.
LiminalityGhostIdentity (social science)Hamlet

Question 9: ________ encouraged the myth makers in his retinue to spread the legend of his "secret" Olympian paternity.
Ptolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 10: Structurally, mythic narratives of such heroic figures falls into the genre of Romance, as ________ defined and described it.
Northrop FryeLiterary theoryMargaret AtwoodMoncton

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