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Question 1: A total of 18 submarines of this class were built, and all served ________, under the designation Project 667B Murena (eel).
Russian NavyKirov class cruiserSoviet Naval AviationSoviet Navy

Question 2: In the video game ________, the player character incorrectly identifies a cargo submarine as a Project 914 Delta IV class.
Crysis WarheadCrysis (series)Crysis 2Far Cry

Question 3: The Delta III was also equipped with a new battle management system the Almaz-BDR for the fire control of torpedoes in deep-water, also a new ________ system Tobol-M-1, and later the Tobol-M-2.
CompassGlobal Positioning SystemGlass cockpitInertial navigation system

Question 4: On September 30, 2008 a Russian Navy spokesman reported that Ryazan had successfully completed a 30-day transit from a base in northern Russia under the Arctic ice cap to a base on the ________.
Kuril IslandsBrown BearKamchatka PeninsulaCommander Islands

Question 5: Initially all the Delta IV submarines were based with the ________ at Olenya Bay.
Baltic FleetRussian Northern FleetRussian NavyPacific Fleet (Russia)

Question 6: The Delta-II class submarine was a large ________ submarine designed to remedy shortcomings in the Delta-I class submarine.
Ballistic missileIntercontinental ballistic missileAnti-ballistic missileAir-to-air missile

Question 7: The Delta IV is a class of Russian SSBN ________.
Alfa class submarineUnited States NavyTorpedoSubmarine

Question 8: Finally a new ________ system called Rubikon was fitted.
Echo soundingUnderwater acousticsMarine mammals and sonarSonar

Question 9: However the Deltas remained in service until 1990s with treaties such as ________.
START IIntercontinental ballistic missileRussiaUnited States

Question 10: Consequently, unlike their predecessors, they no longer needed to pass through Western SOSUS ________ barriers to come within range of their targets.
Underwater acousticsMarine mammals and sonarSonarEcho sounding

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