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Question 1: An auxiliary function in ________ used to rigorously define the limit or continuity of a given function.
CalculusDifferential calculusIntegralDerivative

Question 2: The ________ of a polynomial equation, especially the quadratic equation:
DiscriminantConic sectionSymmetric polynomialComplex number

Question 3: Delta (uppercase Δ, lowercase δ; Greek: Δέλτα [ðelta], Dhelta) is the fourth letter of the ________.
Greek alphabetHebrew alphabetPhoenician alphabetSyriac alphabet

Question 4: A ________ is so named because its shape approximates the upper-case letter delta (the shape is a triangle).
Mouth barSubmarine canyonRiver deltaAvulsion (river)

Question 5: That an associated locant number represents the location of a ________ in an organic compound, the position of which is variant between isomeric forms
Covalent bondMetallic bondChemical bondAromaticity

Question 6: It is the symbol of the Greek inventor and architect ________
Greek mythologyDaedalusApolloMinos

Question 7: ________
Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineeringOmegaPhi (letter)Tau

Question 8: The rate of depreciation of the aggregate capital stock of an economy in an ________ in macroeconomics.
Solow residualConvergence (economics)Exogenous growth modelEconomic growth

Question 9: - the ________ symbol, sometimes mistaken for a lowercase Greek letter Delta.
Partial derivativeDifferential calculusIntegralCalculus

Question 10: In ________, it can stand for a gene deletion, e.g.


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