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Delimiter: Quiz


Question 1: Field and Record delimiters (See also, ________, Control character).
ASCIICode page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252

Question 2: Malicious users can take advantage of delimiter collision in languages such as SQL and ________ to deploy such well-known attacks as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, respectively.
OpenDocumentPortable Document FormatECMAScriptHTML

Question 3: In specifying a regular expression, alternate delimiters may also be used to simplify the syntax for match and substitution operations in ________.
PerlPHPLua (programming language)Python (programming language)

Question 4: specifies a simple ________ table using the CSV file format.
Relational modelDatabase modelFlat file databaseXML database

Question 5: ________ (used in WikiWikiWeb as an alternate method of link creation that does not require delimiters to indicate links)
CamelCaseCapitalizationLetter caseProgramming language

Question 6: [1] An example of a delimiter is the ________ character, which acts as a field delimiter in a sequence of comma-separated values.
SemicolonAt signCommaApostrophe

Question 7: This is usually done by specifying a random sequence of characters followed by an identifying mark such as a ________, a timestamp, or some other distinguishing mark.
Universally Unique IdentifierPHPLinuxJava (programming language)

Question 8: The technique employs a special encoding scheme, such as ________, to ensure that delimiter characters do not appear in transmitted data.
Binary-to-text encodingAscii85Base64ASCII

Question 9: (See e.g., MIME, ________).
Here documentWindows PowerShellCommand-line interpreterCommand substitution

Question 10: Programming languages (See also, ________).
Comparison of programming languages (string functions)Comparison of programming languages (strings)Comparison of programming languages (array)Comparison of programming languages (syntax)


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