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Question 1: Deliberation aims at a rationally motivated ________: it aims to find reasons acceptable to all who are committed to such a system of decision-making.
ConsensusDemocracyLibertarian socialismConsensus decision-making

Question 2: The ________ refers to its particular proposals for grassroots democracy and electoral reform by this name.
Groen!GreenLeftGreen politicsGreen Party (United States)

Question 3: According to the proponents, another strength of deliberative democratic models is that they tend, more than any other model, to generate ideal conditions of impartiality, rationality and ________ of the relevant facts.

Question 4: Deliberative democracy recognizes a ________ between the citizen participating, those affected or victimized by the process being undertaken, and the group-entity that organizes the decision.
CriminologyRationalization (sociology)Index of sociology articlesConflict of interest

Question 5: Deliberative democracy has thus an ________ value: it allows participants to deduce what is morally correct.

Question 6: In these cases, deliberative democracy is not connected to ________ but is intended to create a conversation among people of different philosophies and beliefs.
Left-wing politicsCommunismSocialismMarxism

Question 7: In contrast to the traditional theory of ________, in which voting is central, deliberative democracy theorists argue that legitimate lawmaking can arise only through public deliberation.
Gottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianismDemocracyJohn Locke

Question 8: Examples include National Issues Forums, Choices for the 21st Century, Study Circles, Deliberative Polls, and the 21st-Century Town meetings convened by ________, among others.
AmericaSpeaksNew England2002Washington, D.C.

Question 9: It adopts elements of ________ and representative democracy.
SociocracyDemarchyTotalitarian democracyDirect democracy


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