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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is ranked as Asia's fourth-best institute in science and technology in year 1999.[122]
  Lightning strikes near India Gate, New Delhi. Delhi receives much of its rainfall during the monsoon season which lasts from July to August
  Map showing the nine districts of Delhi
  Hindus make up 82% of Delhi's population. Shown here is Akshardham Temple, the largest Hindu temple in the world.[91]

Question 2:
What proceeded Sheila Dikshit?
incumbent, currently performing as Leaf Coneybear
Current Incumbent
current Incumbent

Question 3:

Question 4: [25][26][27] ________ built the seventh city of Delhi that bears his name (Shahjahanabad), and is more commonly known as the "Old City" or "Old Delhi".
Shah JahanAkbar the GreatAurangzebJahangir

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Delhi?

Question 6: That year, the ________, death rate and infant mortality rate (per 1000 population) were 20.03, 5.59 and 13.08, respectively.
Family planningBirth controlAbortionBirth rate

Question 7: ________ and higher educational institutions in Delhi are administered either by the Directorate of Education, the NCT government, or private organizations.
Gymnasium (school)Elementary schoolCollegeSchool

Question 8: 66,728 (US$1,450) at current prices, the third highest in India after ________ and Goa as of 2006-07.
Hyderabad, IndiaDelhiChandigarhMumbai

Question 9: Public transport in Delhi is provided by buses, ________ and a metro rail system.
Share taxiTaxicabCycle rickshawAuto rickshaw

Question 10:
What is the native name for Delhi
Palo Alto

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