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Deipnosophistae: Quiz


Question 1: Furthermore, numerous books and now lost plays on the subject are mentioned, including the dramatists Diphilus, Cratinus, ________, and Sophocles and the philosopher Heraclides of Pontus.
HomerAncient GreeceAeschylusAlcibiades

Question 2: The work is invaluable for providing fictionalized information about the Hellenistic literary world of the leisured class during the ________.
Roman RepublicWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 3: Among the twenty-nine guests, ________, Ulpian and Plutarch are named, but all are probably to be taken as fictitious personages, and the majority take little or no part in the conversation.
HippocratesIbn ZuhrAvicennaGalen

Question 4: The Deipnosophists is a long work of literary and antiquarian research by the Hellenistic author Athenaeus of ________ in Egypt, written in Rome in the early 3rd century AD.
Ancient GreeceAlexandriaNaucratisMinoan civilization

Question 5: If Ulpian is identical with the famous jurist, the Deipnosophistae must have been written after his death in 228; but the jurist was murdered by the ________, whereas Ulpian in Athenaeus dies a natural death.
AugustusPraetorian GuardPraetorian prefectRoman Empire

Question 6: In addition to its main focuses, the text offers an unusually clear portrait of ________ in late Hellenism.
BisexualityLesbianSexual orientationHomosexuality

Question 7: It is subject to a big discussion that includes ________, Charmides, Autolycus, Pausanias and Sophocles.

Question 8: Writing in 1867, poet ________ characterized the Deipnosophists and its author thus:
John Quincy AdamsJames BuchananJames Russell LowellJohn Adams

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