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Dehydration: Quiz


Question 1: Use of methamphetamine, ________, caffeine and other stimulants

Question 2: A person's body, during an average day in a temperate climate such as the ________, loses approximately 2.5 litres of water.
WalesEnglandCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: ________ is specifically a decrease in volume of blood plasma.
HypovolemiaHypokalemiaDehydrationAcid-base imbalance

Question 4: Drinking fluids that are hypertonic or hypotonic with respect to perspiration may have grave consequences (________ or hypernatremia, principally) as the total volume of water turnover increases.
HypokalemiaDehydrationDiabetic ketoacidosisHyponatremia

Question 5:
  • Severe hyperglycemia, especially in ________
    Diabetic ketoacidosisDiabetes mellitusDiabetic retinopathyDiabetes mellitus type 1

Question 6: ________, especially from restricted salt diets
HypokalemiaHyponatremiaDiabetic ketoacidosisDehydration

Question 7: Dehydration is best avoided by drinking sufficient ________.
OxygenWater resourcesEarthWater

Question 8: [citation needed] This can be through the lungs as water vapor, through the skin as sweat, or through the ________ as urine.
LiverUrinary systemEndocrine systemKidney

Question 9: In more severe cases, correction of a dehydrated state is accomplished by the replenishment of necessary water and ________ (rehydration, through oral rehydration therapy or intravenous therapy).
Half cellLead-acid batteryFuel cellElectrolyte

Question 10: Untreated dehydration generally results in delirium, unconsciousness, swelling of the tongue and, in extreme cases, ________.
DeathDeath and cultureBurialImmortality

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