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  • despite finishing its first season with a profit of $53,000, the Damrosch Opera Company was forced to close due to mounting deficits after only six years in business?

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Question 1: Examples of this are British Consols and American ________ bonds.
United States Treasury securityYield-curve spreadZero-coupon bondBond (finance)

Question 2: These loans became popular when private financiers had amassed enough capital to provide them, and when governments were no longer able to simply print money, with consequent ________, to finance their spending.
DeflationInflationKeynesian economicsEconomics

Question 3: The primary deficit is defined as the difference between current ________ and total current revenue from all types of taxes.
Government debtPublic financeCentral bankGovernment spending

Question 4: ________
List of countries by current account balanceList of minimum wages by countryList of countries by external debtList of statistically superlative countries

Question 5: At the lowest point in the ________, there is a high level of unemployment.
EconomicsReal Business Cycle TheoryBusiness cycleKeynesian economics

Question 6: When an economy is running near or at its potential level of output, fiscal deficits can cause ________
InflationMoneyEconomicsKeynesian economics

Question 7: ________
George W. BushFranklin D. RooseveltJobs created during U.S. presidential termsNational debt by U.S. presidential terms

Question 8: According to the ________ school of thought (and related movements), Governments can attempt to stimulate the economy by intentionally running a deficit.
Supply-side economicsKeynesian economicsJohn Maynard KeynesCapitalism


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