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Question 1: One of its purposes was to prevent the crossing of the Berlin border between the GDR and the West German ________ of west-Berlin.
Right- and left-hand trafficUnited StatesVatican CityEnclave and exclave

Question 2: In the Middle Ages, the right of a settlement to build a defensive wall was a privilege, and was usually granted by the so-called "right of crenellation" on a ________.
CastraCastleMedieval fortificationHill fort

Question 3: Nürnberg, Zons, ________), or the cities were directly outside the castle as a sort of "pre-castle" (Coucy-le-Chateau, Conwy and others).

Question 4: By about 3500 B.C., hundreds of small farming villages dotted the ________ floodplain.
Ganges BasinGanges DeltaIndus RiverIndus River Delta

Question 5: Larger cities often had multiple stewards — for example ________ was divided into a Reichstadt and a bishopal (clerical) city.
AugsburgKaufbeurenKempten im AllgäuMemmingen

Question 6: The top of the wall is often protruding and beset with ________ in order to make climbing them more difficult.
Trench warfareBarbed tapeBarbed wireFortification

Question 7: ________ was one of the most famous cities of the ancient world, especially as a result of the building program of Nebuchadnezzar, who expanded the walls and built the Ishtar Gate.
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaMesopotamiaBabylon

Question 8: In ancient Greece, large stone walls had been built in Mycenaean Greece, such as the ancient site of ________ (famous for the huge stone blocks of its 'cyclopean' walls).
MycenaeDelphiAthensOlympia, Greece

Question 9: In classical era Greece, the city of ________ built a long set of parallel stone walls called the Long Walls that reached their guarded seaport at Piraeus.

Question 10: Therefore new, ________ with numerous cannons and thick earth walls reinforced by stone were built.
Star fortCastleFortificationCaponier


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