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Defense of the Great Wall: Quiz


Question 1: Declaring the province to be historically a portion of ________, the Japanese Army initially hoped to secure it through the defection of General Tang Yulin to the Manchukuo cause.
Outer ManchuriaManchuriaYuan DynastyNortheast China

Question 2: On March 2, the Japanese 4th Cavalry Brigade encountered resistance from the forces of Sun Dianying, and after days of fighting, took ________.
UlanqabInner MongoliaChifengHohhot

Question 3: On the night of 1 January 1933, the Japanese garrison commander staged an "incident" by exploding a few ________ and firing a few shots.
GunpowderHand grenadeFranceLand mine

Question 4: An action movie was made in ________ in 1976 called 7 Man Army about seven Chinese soldiers who managed to hold off against 20,000 Japanese soldiers for 5 days.
PhilippinesMacauHong KongUnited States

Question 5: Per the terms of the 1901 ________ accord, the Imperial Japanese Army maintained a small garrison of around 200 men at Shanhaiguan.
Boxer RebellionKorean WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Spanish–American War

Question 6: Shanhaiguan is the fortified eastern end of the ________, where the Great Wall meets the ocean.
Great Wall of ChinaMount TaiPingyaoForbidden City

Question 7: On March 9, ________ discussed with Zhang Xueliang about resisting Japanese invasion in Baoding in Hebei Province.
Chiang Kai-shekJoseph StalinChiang Ching-kuoGeorge Marshall

Question 8: [citation needed] The ________ used this as an excuse to demand that the Chinese 626th Regiment of the Northeastern Army, guarding Shanhaiguan, evacuate the pass defenses.
Unit 731Kwantung ArmyJapanese war crimesSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 9: [1] The Japanese attack was supported by close air support from bombers, and by shelling by warships of the ________'s IJN 2nd Fleet with a dozen warships offshore.
Imperial Japanese NavyShōwa periodImperial Japanese ArmyMeiji period

Question 10: The Japanese army's Chief of Staff requested ________'s sanction for the 'strategic operation' against Chinese forces in Rehe.
Emperor MeijiAkihitoHirohitoEmperor Taishō


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