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Question 1: ________ seeks to integrate all the meanings of defence into a coherent whole that seeks to understand and develop applied uses for all of the above meanings within a single national defense management structure.
Military strategyManeuver warfareMilitary scienceWar

Question 2: In close combat where ________ weapons are used, defence refers to a specific armed fighting technique.

Question 3: Defense is also a ________ for war, used by governments to reflect their non-aggressive posture in their region which does not carry the negative connotation of war, such as Ministry or Department of Defense.
Book burningMedia biasEuphemismCensorship

Question 4: When applied to ________, defence implies use of defensive tactics that seek to negate enemy offensive tactics.
Military rankArmed forcesMilitary organizationTheater (warfare)

Question 5: Within the scope of a national defense policy, defense is used to include most ________ issues.
MilitaryMilitary historyMilitary scienceWar

Question 6: Battles commonly focused on ________ of important cities, allowing defenders to strengthen their position.
Naval warfareMilitary historySiegeMedieval warfare


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