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Question 1: During the ________, the many people illegally emigrating from the Soviet Union or Eastern Bloc to the West were called defectors.
Vietnam WarCold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyJoseph Stalin

Question 2: By contrast, mere changes in ________, or working with allied militia, usually does not violate any law.
EnglandAncient GreeceCitizenshipHonorary Canadian citizenship

Question 3: In that sense, the defector is often considered a ________.

Question 4: ________
List of Cold War pilot defectionsPeople's Republic of ChinaMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

Question 5: In ________, a defector is a person who gives up allegiance to one state or political entity in exchange for allegiance to another.
PoliticsPolitical partyPolitical philosophyIdeology

Question 6: This term is also applied, often pejoratively, to anyone who switches loyalty to another religion, sports team, ________, or other rival faction.
Political partyIdeologyParliamentary systemPolitics

Question 7: The ________ and fortifications along the Inner German border were erected by the Communist East German Democratic Republic in 1961 to enforce the policy.
Mikhail GorbachevHelmut KohlSolidarity (Polish trade union)Berlin Wall

Question 8: For example, in the 1950s, ________ were increasingly prohibited from traveling to the Western Federal Republic of Germany where they were automatically regarded as citizens according to Exclusive mandate.
East GermanySoviet UnionCommunist stateCommunist Romania


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