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Question 1: This explains why defecation is frequently accompanied by urination, and why urination is frequently accompanied by ________.

Question 2: Defecation is the final act of ________ by which organisms eliminate solid, semisolid or liquid waste material (feces) from the digestive tract via the anus.
Endocrine systemImmune systemDigestionStomach

Question 3: If this urge is not acted upon, the material in the rectum is often returned to the colon by reverse peristalsis where more ________ is absorbed, thus temporarily reducing pressure and stretching within the rectum.
Water resourcesOxygenWaterEarth

Question 4: During defecation, the thoracic ________ rises[2], and as a reflex response the amount of blood pumped by the heart decreases.
Circulatory systemBlood pressureVasodilationRenin-angiotensin system

Question 5: This contraction of expiratory ________ muscles, diaphragm, abdominal wall muscles, and pelvic diaphragm exert pressure on the digestive tract.

Question 6: Death has been known to occur in cases where defecation causes the blood pressure to rise enough to cause the rupture of an ________ or to dislodge blood clots (see thrombosis).
AneurysmAtherosclerosisAortic aneurysmAortic dissection

Question 7: If defecation is delayed for a prolonged period the fecal matter may harden and autolyze, resulting in ________.
ConstipationIrritable bowel syndromeUlcerative colitisCrohn's disease

Question 8: Defecation is normally assisted by taking a deep breath and trying to expel this air against a closed glottis (________).
Aortic valve stenosisAtrial septal defectHypertrophic cardiomyopathyValsalva maneuver

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