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Question 1: Laboratory: ________, anisidine value, viscosity, total polar compounds, polymeric triglycerides.
Acid dissociation constantOxygenAcid–base reactionAcid

Question 2: Some foods – such as ________ or whole, skin-on poultry – have a natural coating and do not require breading or battering.

Question 3: Deep-frying under vacuum helps to significantly reduce acrylamide formation,[2] but this process is not widely used in the ________ due to the high investment cost involved.
ManufacturingBusinessFood industryAgriculture

Question 4: Waste oil is increasingly being recycled into ________.
BiodieselBiofuelFood vs. fuelEthanol fuel

Question 5: Cooking oil is flammable, and ________ may be caused by it igniting at too high a temperature.

Question 6: The correct frying ________ depends on the thickness and type of food, but in most cases it lies between 175 and 190 °C (345–375 °F).
Thermodynamic temperatureWater vaporTemperatureLightning

Question 7: Some deep fry shortenings contain ________.
CholesterolAtherosclerosisTrans fatLow-density lipoprotein

Question 8: Deep frying is a ________ method in which food is submerged in hot oil or fat.
MeatMedieval cuisineCookingStew


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