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Deep Space 2: Quiz


Question 1: Deep Space 2 was a ________ probe which was part of the New Millennium Program.
Human spaceflightSpace RaceNASASpace exploration

Question 2: They rode to Mars aboard another spacecraft, the ________.
Deep Space 2Mars Climate OrbiterMars Polar LanderPhobos program

Question 3: It included two highly advanced miniature space probes which were sent to ________ aboard the Mars Polar Lander in January 1999.
MarsDeimos (moon)Water on MarsPhobos (moon)

Question 4: The upper part of the probe, or aftbody, was designed to remain on the surface in order to radio data to the ________ spacecraft in orbit around Mars.
Mars Global SurveyorMariner 4Mars ExpressPhoenix (spacecraft)

Question 5: [1] The probes were named "Scott" and "Amundsen", in honor of Robert Falcon Scott and ________, the first explorers to reach the Earth's South Pole.
Ross SeaErnest ShackletonRoald AmundsenAntarctica

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