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Deep Fear: Quiz


Question 1: An explorative little ________ who roams the Apartment Area of the Big Table.
French BulldogBulldogPugEnglish Mastiff

Question 2: Supposedly hailing from ________, Dubois is a remarkably accomplished individual; he was a top graduate of his MIT class and is an expert in computer designs and architecture.
Alsace-LorraineStrasbourgGermanyGerman Empire

Question 3: Players assume the role of John Mayor, an ex-________ who resigned and joined forces with a civilian rescue group known as the ERS (Emergency Rescue Services).
United States NavyUnited States Navy SEALsUnited States Navy SEAL selection and trainingUnited States Naval Special Warfare Command

Question 4: A ________ used for underwater breeding purposes in the Sea Farm.
Bottlenose dolphinSharkKiller whaleGreat white shark

Question 5: It is notable for being the last Saturn game released in ________.
EuropeWestern EuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 6: Deep Fear is a 1998 survival horror video game for the ________.
DreamcastSega SaturnMega DriveMega-CD

Question 7: It borrows many aspects from ________'s Resident Evil such as the use of first-aid sprays as the player's sole healing item and a significant dependency on firearms.
Final FightCapcomStreet FighterViewtiful Joe

Question 8: The Sea Fox, a considerably small but fast ________, was dispatched to collect the object and refuel at the Big Table.
Nuclear marine propulsionNuclear submarineVictor class submarineAkula class submarine

Question 9: As he was a ________ member, he is strictly disciplined and is used to taking orders despite the odds.
United States Special Operations CommandDelta ForceUnited States Naval Special Warfare Development GroupUnited States Navy SEALs

Question 10: Based near the edge of Mariana Trench off the coast of ________, the Big Table serves a number of purposes with its areas.
TuvaluMarshall IslandsPalauGuam

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