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Decoy: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Roy Keller the telemovie Decoy?
Frank Silvera
Martin Balsam
Clem Fowler
Jim Klock

Question 2:
Who played Sgt. Steve Necclo the telemovie Decoy?
Arthur Batanides
Simon Oakland
Frank Silvera
Jim Klock

Question 3:
Who played Det. Hank Hopkins the telemovie Decoy?
Edward Norris
Arthur Batanides
Ed Bryce
John Connell

Question 4:
What role did Dorothy Sands play in the telemovie Decoy?
Mrs. Morgan
Casey Jones
Louise Bamf
Mrs. Boyer

Question 5:
Who played Susan Connor the telemovie Decoy?
Laura L. Cottrel
Kay Medford
Molly McCarthy
Gloria Marlowe

Question 6:
What role did Molly McCarthy play in the telemovie Decoy?
Susan Connor
Gertrude Brewer
Beth Wilson
Wendy Jenkins

Question 7:
What role did Jim Klock play in the telemovie Decoy?
Lieutenant Kendall
Harry Bates
Charlie Humpfrey

Question 8:
Who played Jim Vincent the telemovie Decoy?
Edward Norris
Richard Ward
Peter Falk
Albert Dekker

Question 9:
What role did Muriel Kirkland play in the telemovie Decoy?
Casey Jones
Beth Wilson
Mrs. Morgan

Question 10:
Who played Maxie Pando the telemovie Decoy?
Herbert Rudley
Sheldon Leonard
Lonny Chapman
Tom Pedi


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