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Question 1: As with the fresh stage of decomposition if the body is on the ground or buried in soil there is also considerable insect activity by the soil-inhabiting ________.

Question 2: Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after ________.
ImmortalityDeath and cultureBurialDeath

Question 3: ________, whose body was kept submerged in a special tank of fluid for decades and is on public display in Lenin's Mausoleum
Vladimir LeninJoseph StalinNikita KhrushchevAlexander Kerensky

Question 4: ________ whose body was injected with paraffin and was kept perfectly preserved for many years, and still is as far as is known (her body is no longer on public display).
Juan PerónDirty WarEva PerónArgentina

Question 5: Decomposition or rotting is the process by which tissues of a dead ________ break down into simpler forms of matter.

Question 6: However even without embalming a body buried in a sufficiently dry environment may be well preserved for decades, such as the body of the murdered civil rights activist ________.
Rosa ParksMedgar EversMartin Luther King, Jr.African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)

Question 7: Unlike soft-tissue decomposition, which is influenced mainly by temperature and oxygen levels, the process of bone breakdown is more highly dependent on ________ type and pH, along with presence of groundwater.
ClayWater wellLandslideSoil

Question 8: If the body is accessible to ________ and other animals, they are typically the next agent of decomposition.

Question 9: The process is essential for new growth and development of living organisms because it recycles the finite matter that occupies physical space in the ________.
Temperate broadleaf and mixed forestsDeserts and xeric shrublandsBiomeTemperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands

Question 10: The chemical aspects of plant decomposition always involve the release of ________.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon dioxideCarbon sink


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