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Question 1: This then allows deciduous plants to have xylem vessels with larger diameters and therefore a greater rate of transpiration (and hence CO2 uptake as this occurs when ________ are open) during the summer growth period.
StomaPhotosynthesisAlgaeCell wall

Question 2: The absence of leaves improves wind transmission of pollen for win-pollinated plants, and increases the visibility of the flowers to ________ in insect-pollinated plants.

Question 3: [7] Removing leaves also reduces ________ which can damage xylem vessels in plants.
CavitationWater tunnel (hydrodynamic)SonoluminescenceFluid dynamics

Question 4: Many deciduous plants ________ during the period when they are leafless as this increases the effectiveness of pollination.
SeedFlowering plantFruitFlower

Question 5: The cells are sensitive to a plant hormone called ________ that is produced by the leaf and other parts of the plant.
Indole-3-acetic acidCell wallAuxinEthylene

Question 6: These forests are found in many areas worldwide and have distinctive ecosystems, understory growth, and ________ dynamics.
ClaySoilWater wellLandslide

Question 7: Deciduous has a similar meaning when referring to animal parts such as deciduous antlers in ________,[2] or deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth, in some mammals (including human children).
CattleWild boarEven-toed ungulateDeer

Question 8: Deciduous shrubs include ________, viburnum, and many others.
CaprifoliaceaeLonicera maackiiHoneysuckleJapanese Honeysuckle

Question 9: ________ pigments produce reds and purple colors, though they are not always present in the leaves but are produced in the foliage in late summer when sugars are trapped in the leaves after the process of abscission begins.

Question 10: Trees include Maple, many Oaks, Elm, ________, and Birch, among others, as well as a number of coniferous genera, such as Larch and Metasequoia.
Populus tremuloidesAspenPopulus tremulaPopulus

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