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Question 1: Radioactive decay often involves a sequence of steps (________).
Long-lived fission productNuclear fission productDecay chainUranium-236

Question 2: Thus, although uranium is not dangerously radioactive when pure, some pieces of naturally-occurring pitchblende are quite dangerous owing to their ________ content.

Question 3: Similarly, ________ gas mantles are very slightly radioactive when new, but become far more radioactive after only a few months of storage.

Question 4: For elements above lead in ________, the decay chain typically ends with an isotope of lead.
Atomic numberPeriodic tableChemical elementHafnium

Question 5: Decay products are important in understanding radioactive decay and the management of ________.
Long-lived fission productNuclear fission productIntegral Fast ReactorRadioactive waste

Question 6: In ________, a decay product (also known as a daughter product, daughter isotope or daughter nuclide) is the remaining nuclide left over from radioactive decay.
Nuclear fusionNuclear fissionAlpha decayNuclear physics


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