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Debtors' prison: Quiz


Question 1: The father of the English author ________ was sent to one of these prisons (Marshalsea Prison), which were often described in Dickens' novels.
Charles DickensA Christmas CarolEbenezer ScroogeLittle Dorrit

Question 2: In the ________, debtors' prisons varied in the amount of freedom they allowed the debtor.
WalesEnglandCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: In 1833 the ________ reduced the practice of imprisonment for debts at the federal level.
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 4: Debtors in the United Arab Emirates, including ________, can be imprisoned for failing to pay their debts.
DubaiDubai MarinaBusiness BayEmirates Hills

Question 5: During Europe's ________, debtors, both men and women, were locked up together in a single large cell, until their families paid their debt.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 6: A debtor's prison is a prison for those who are unable to pay a ________.
Consumer debtDebtBond (finance)Credit (finance)

Question 7: [citation needed] The constitutions of the ________ of Tennessee and Oklahoma forbid civil imprisonment for debts.
ConnecticutMassachusettsU.S. stateColorado

Question 8: Some debt prisoners were released to become serfs or indentured servants (________) until they paid off their debt in labor.
SlaverySexual slaveryUnfree labourDebt bondage

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