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Question 1: Deathmatch (also called DM or Free for All) is a widely-used gameplay mode integrated into many shooter and real-time strategy (RTS) ________.
Personal computer gameAudio gameVideo game genresVideo game

Question 2: "combat achievements tracking" – ________ (2000, by Epic) added statistics tracking.
Unreal Tournament 3Unreal TournamentQuake III ArenaTyrian (video game)

Question 3: Being spawned entails having the score, health, armor and equipment reset to default values which usually is 0 score, full (100%) health, no armor and a basic ________ and a mêlée weapon.
FirearmM16 rifleAssault rifleHandgun

Question 4: Quake popularized rocket-jumping, even though it was already possible in ________.
Corridor 7: Alien InvasionBlood (video game)Rise of the TriadDuke Nukem 3D

Question 5: All normal maps will contain various ________; i.a.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsPower-upPlatform gameMario (series)

Question 6: With the game ________ (1998, by Epic), the rules were enhanced with some widely accepted improvements:
Unreal Tournament 2004SoldatUnrealSteam (content delivery)

Question 7: It introduced the ________ mode to the first-person-shooter genre as Capture the Triad.
First-person shooterShooter gameCapture the flagAction game

Question 8: In this context a player is a term that can mean a human operated character in the game or a character operated by a computer software ________ -- a bot (see Reaper bot for example).
René DescartesArtificial intelligenceDaniel DennettKarl Popper


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