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Death to the Daleks: Quiz


Question 1: Death to the Daleks at ________
BBC Red ButtonBBC OnlineBBC RadioBBC iPlayer

Question 2: Sarah later references this story in ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoPyramids of MarsThe Brain of Morbius

Question 3: A low-quality ________ recording was subsequently recovered, albeit with the opening scene missing.

Question 4: This is the same tactic he used against the mad BOSS computer in ________ (1973) the previous season.
The Green DeathThe DæmonsThe Time MonsterThe Five Doctors

Question 5: In 1992, this was followed by the recovery of a better-quality 625-line PAL recording from a shipment of episodes returned from ________.
DubaiBusiness BayDubai MarinaEmirates Hills

Question 6: A novelisation of this serial, written by ________, was published by Target Books in July 1978.
Sarah Jane SmithThe War GamesTerrance DicksThe Five Doctors

Question 7: Death to the Daleks is also the name of a spin off audio drama by ________ in the Dalek Empire series.
RomanaBig Finish ProductionsDoctor (Doctor Who)Eighth Doctor

Question 8: This is one of two Third Doctor serials (the other being ________) to still have a 90-minute PAL studio recording tape.
The Claws of AxosThe Mind of EvilThe Five DoctorsTerror of the Autons

Question 9: The Doctor and ________ venture outside to investigate the cause of the interference, and become separated.
The Stolen EarthSarah Jane SmithCompanion (Doctor Who)Journey's End (Doctor Who)

Question 10: Death to the Daleks is a serial in the British science fiction television series ________, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from February 23 to March 16, 1974.
TorchwoodCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane Adventures


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