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Question 1: During the Salvadoran civil war, death squads achieved notoriety when a sniper assassinated Archbishop Óscar Romero during ________ in March 1980 .
General relativityMassForceClassical mechanics

Question 2:
When was the Death squad?
June 2009
March 2009

Question 3: The new state leadership in the capital of Baghdad was composed mostly of the old Sunni ________ elite although this ethnic group was a minority.
Palestinian peopleArab peopleSyriaIraq

Question 4: There were death squads used by both the ________ and Loyalists during this conflict.
FalangeNational syndicalismFascismJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera

Question 5: The most infamous of these organizations were the Red Shirts (Mexico), which reported directly to the governor of ________, Tomás Garrido Canabal.

Question 6: Some Freikorps veterans drifted into the ultra-nationalist Organisation Consul, which regarded the ________ as treasonous and targeted politicians associated with it for assassination.
World War ITreaty of TrianonLeague of NationsTreaty of Versailles

Question 7: The Khmer Rouge began employing death squads to purge ________ of non-communists after taking over the country in 1975 .
Papua New GuineaCanadaMalaysiaCambodia

Question 8: [44] In 1993, ________ (AI) reported that clandestine military units began covertly operating as death squads in 1978.
Human rightsUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesAung San Suu KyiAmnesty International

Question 9: A death squad is an armed military, police, insurgent, or terrorist squad that conducts extra-judicial killings, ________, and forced disappearances of persons as part of a war, insurgency or terror campaign.
InfanticideHonor killingMass murderAssassination

Question 10: This was done with the full knowledge of the East German secret police or ________.
Berlin WallInner German borderStasiEastern Bloc

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