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Question 1: ________
2000List of exonerated death row inmates20062007

Question 2: Notes: 1Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar is the only facility in the ________ designated to house female Level III inmates.
United States Department of DefenseJoint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Secretary of DefenseUnified Combatant Command

Question 3: After individuals are found guilty of an offense and sentenced to execution, they will remain on death row while following an ________ procedure, if they so choose, and then until there is a convenient time for execution.
Common lawJuryAppealLawsuit

Question 4: [2] In some Caribbean countries which still authorize execution, the ________ is the ultimate court of appeal.
Judicial Committee of the Privy CouncilSecretary of State for JusticeUnited KingdomHer Majesty's Courts Service

Question 5: Death row is a term that refers to the section of a ________ that houses individuals awaiting execution.
RussiaPrisonUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 6:
3Closed in 2008 under ________ administration [3].
Bill RichardsonDavid PatersonHaley BarbourEd Rendell

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