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Death of Zia-ul-Haq: Quiz


Question 1:
Death of Zia-ul-Haq, Foo fighter and Glacier Girl are all:
Accidents and incidents involving military aircraft Aviation accidents and incidents in 1988 Conspiracy theories Aviation accidents and incidents involving state leaders

Question 2: He and his entourage flew to ________, about 330 mi (530 km) south of Islamabad in the president's C-130 Hercules aircraft, then flew to the test site by helicopter.

Question 3: The United States, India, followed by ________ and the Soviet Union have all been suspected.
Non-Aligned MovementAfghanistanNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4: A common suspicion within Pakistan, although with no proof, is that the crash was a political assassination carried out by the American ________ (CIA) or by the Soviet KGB.
Cold WarDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Another theory, also with little supporting evidence, is that the ________ was involved, as retaliation for the US-Pakistani support for the Afghan insurgency against the USSR throughout the 1980s.
Eastern BlocKGBIron CurtainBerlin Wall

Question 6: General ________, the head of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency at the time, suggested that the US might be responsible, even though the US Ambassador and military attaché were also killed.
Muhammad Zia-ul-HaqPakistan ArmyInter-Services IntelligenceHamid Gul

Question 7: He told ________ that the Pakistani President was killed in a conspiracy involving a "foreign power".
The Sunday TimesThe Sun (newspaper)The TimesRupert Murdoch

Question 8: Considerable evidence exists that the Soviet Union knew about the US-Pakistan support for the ________, and the KGB might have seen this as an opportunity to punish both Pakistan and the United States.
Al-QaedaIslamic terrorismTalibanMujahideen

Question 9: [4] General ________, who became Chief of Army Staff following General Zia's death, witnessed the crash from his aircraft, which had just taken off.
Abdul Qadeer KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqMirza Aslam BegPervez Musharraf

Question 10: The President of Pakistan, General ________ died in a plane crash on 17 August 1988, about which several conspiracy theories exist.
AfghanistanRahimuddin KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqCentral Intelligence Agency


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