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Question 1: This tradition is a remainder of the ________ that was common during the pagan era.
Day of the DeadGhostChristianityVeneration of the dead

Question 2: The tradition of putting out food and beer on the tumulus has survived into modern times, in some parts of ________.
Denmark–NorwaySwedenNordic countriesScandinavia

Question 3: There were not only different manners of performing a Viking funeral, but there were also several notions of the soul and of where the dead went in their afterlife, such as ________, Fólkvangr, Hel and Helgafjell.

Question 4: There was also a "free soul" or "dream soul" that could only leave the body during moments of unconsciousness, ecstasy, trance and ________.
Rapid eye movement sleepNarcolepsyHypnagogiaSleep

Question 5: In Baldrs draumar, we learn that Hel had decorated a lavish feasting table when she waited for ________ to enter her halls.

Question 6: Several of ________'s image stones show scenes that allude to death and eroticism, and the stones are two to three metres tall phallic memorial stones in remembrance of the dead.
SaaremaaBaltic SeaÖlandGotland

Question 7: There is reason to assume that the ideas of Hel are coloured by Christian influences which taught that there was a realm of punishment and which opposed the ________.

Question 8: The lady offers a drinking horn to the man who arrives on ________.
OdinValkyrieSleipnirHuginn and Muninn

Question 9: ________ in Norse paganism was associated with varying customs and beliefs.
BurialDeathImmortalityDeath and culture

Question 10: Fólkvangr is an afterlife field ruled over by the goddess ________, who chooses half of those who die in battle to reside with her there.


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