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Question 1: The latter makes use of ________, while the former does not.
Computer graphics2D computer graphicsRendering (computer graphics)Scientific visualization

Question 2: Especially ________ encouraged this practice, which eventually resulted in hundreds of people burnt because of convictions of witchcraft.
Christian IV of DenmarkFrederick II of DenmarkChristian III of DenmarkFrederick III of Denmark

Question 3: ________ depicts an execution by burning in Rio de Janeiro.
Daniel RezendeThe Elite SquadTuya's MarriageMagnolia (film)

Question 4: Edward Wightman, a Baptist from ________, was the last person to be burnt at the stake for heresy in England in the market square of Lichfield, Staffordshire on 11 April 1612.
TamworthUttoxeterNewcastle-under-LymeBurton upon Trent

Question 5: Also Rabbi Haninah ben Teradion, one of the Jewish Ten Martyrs executed for defying Emperor ________'s edicts against practice of the Jewish religion, is reported to have been burnt at the stake.
Marcus AureliusTrajanLucius VerusHadrian

Question 6: According to Julius Caesar, the ancient ________ executed thieves and prisoners of war by burning them to death in giant "wicker men."[3] [4]
CeltsCeltic languagesGaulsGaul

Question 7: Under the ________, burning was introduced as a punishment for disobedient Zoroastrians, because of the belief that they worshipped fire.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 8: In the film adaptation of Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, the innocent simpleton Salvatore (________) is seen to die horribly, burnt at the stake.
Peter Graves (actor)Richard KileyEdward AsnerRon Perlman

Question 9: In ________, at least 255 women had been killed in just the first six months of 2007, three-quarters of them by burning.
Iraqi KurdistanKurdish peoplePost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentGulf War

Question 10: Death by burning (also known as burning alive or burning to death) is death (often execution) brought about by ________.
FireInternal combustion engineCombustionOxygen


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