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Question 1: [1] Death Valley National Monument was declared a ________ in 1933, placing the area under federal protection.
National Monument (United States)National Park ServicePapahānaumokuākea Marine National MonumentUnited States

Question 2: Another dune field is just 10 miles (16 km) to the north but is instead mostly composed of ________ sand.

Question 3:
When was Death Valley National Park established?
July, 1952

Question 4: ________ in the park, while famous, are not nearly as numerous as their fame or the dryness of the area may suggest.
Oxbow lakeDrainage basinSediment transportDune

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Death Valley National Park have?
Articles and topics related to Death Valley National Park
Kitchen Sink Press
with Joe Thomas

Question 6: Much of the water in this aquifer has been there for many thousands of years, since the ________ ice ages, when the climate was cooler and wetter.
Little Ice AgeGlacial periodLast glacial periodPleistocene

Question 7: In the early to mid- ________ the western edge of the North American continent was pushed against the oceanic plate under the Pacific Ocean, creating a subduction zone.
Geologic time scaleCretaceousDinosaurMesozoic

Question 8:
Where is Death Valley National Park?
301 North Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado
McCulloch St., Tonopah, Nevada
California and Nevada, USA

Question 9: [5] This topographic relief is the greatest elevation gradient in the contiguous United States and is the terminus point of the ________'s southwestern drainage.
Pacific NorthwestWestern United StatesGreat PlainsGreat Basin

Question 10: The ores that are most famously associated with the area were also the easiest to collect and the most profitable: evaporite deposits such as salts, borate, and ________.
TalcChlorite groupGarnetQuartz


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