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Deadwood (TV series): Quiz


Question 1:
What is Deadwood (TV series)'s current status?
Ended; reruns now air on Vrak.TV
Development ended April 2009 with company closure

Question 2: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" - ________
Carter FamilyJohn Carter CashJohnny CashJune Carter Cash

Question 3:
What network screens Deadwood (TV series)?

Question 4: "Calling All Angels" - ________ & k.d. lang
The Speckless SkyWhen I Was a BoyMusicJane Siberry

Question 5:
How many seasons of Deadwood (TV series) have there been?
3 + Christmas Special
3 + pilot
1 , 2 , 3

Question 6:
Who of the following starred in Deadwood (TV series)?

Question 7: The show was produced by Red Board Productions and Roscoe Productions in association with HBO and ________ (CBS Paramount Television in season 3).
Paramount PicturesUPNCBS Television DistributionParamount Television

Question 8: Swearengen eventually passes the stones, but has a small ________ in the process.
StrokeCerebral aneurysmSubarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Question 9:
Where does Deadwood (TV series) come from?
South Africa
United States

Question 10: Actor ________ claimed in an interview on October 1, 2007, that the show sets were due to be dismantled and that the movies would not be made.
Hugh LaurieMartin SheenIan McShaneSam Waterston

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