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Question 1:
Dead Ringers (film), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Wall Street (1987 film) are all:
20th Century Fox films Canadian horror films Morgan Creek films 1980s horror films

Question 2:
Dead Ringers (film), Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Beetlejuice are all:
20th Century Fox films 1980s horror films 1988 films Medical-themed films

Question 3:
Dead Ringers (film), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Chloe (film) are all:
Films set in Toronto American horror films Medical-themed films Canadian horror films

Question 4: Dead Ringers won the ________ of 1988.
12th Genie AwardsGenie Award for Best Motion PictureGenie Award for Best Screenplay3rd Genie Awards

Question 5: Director ________ co-wrote the screenplay with Norman Snider; their script was based on the novel Twins by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland.
Dead Ringers (film)ScannersDavid CronenbergCrash (1996 film)

Question 6:
Dead Ringers (film), Mario and Sheldon Cooper are all:
Films directed by David Cronenberg Fictional twins Films set in Toronto Genie Award for Best Picture winners

Question 7: This sends him into ________, prescription drug abuse and delusions about "mutant women" with abnormal genitalia.
Schizoaffective disorderBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorderMood disorder

Question 8:
Dead Ringers (film), Naked Lunch (film) and The Triplets of Belleville are all:
Genie Award for Best Picture winners Films set in Toronto Morgan Creek films Psychological thriller films

Question 9: It is the favorite Cronenberg film of Korean director ________[3] and was voted for in the 2002 Sight and Sound Poll by Lalitha Gopalan[4].
OldboyJoint Security Area (film)Thirst (2009 film)Park Chan-wook

Question 10: In 1999, ________ listed Dead Ringers as 95th on their list of 100 Maverick Movies.
Hot PressNMERolling StoneEMI

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