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David Rittenhouse: Quiz


Question 1: Rittenhouse was born near ________, in a small village called RittenhouseTown, located along a stream called Paper Mill Run, the stream itself a tiny tributary of the Wissahickon Creek.
Germantown, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaManayunk, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSouthwark, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNorthern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Question 2: Rittenhouse was a member of the American Philosophical Society and the first director of the ________.
Dollar coin (United States)Penny (United States coin)United States MintUnited States dollar

Question 3: When Rittenhousee was thirteen years of age, he had mastered Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion and ________.
Introduction to general relativityEquivalence principleGeneral relativityGravitation

Question 4: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,[10] and ________.
James MonroeJohn Quincy AdamsMartin Van BurenJohn Adams

Question 5: 1767 Granted an honorary master's degree from the College of Philadelphia (later ________)
Carnegie Mellon UniversityRutgers UniversityBrown UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania

Question 6: David Rittenhouse made many breakthroughs during his life, which were great contributions to the ________.
PhilippinesCanadaAlaskaUnited States

Question 7: The ________ occurred on 3 June 1769.
Geology of VenusAtmosphere of VenusObservations and explorations of VenusTransit of Venus

Question 8: With his love of tools and his amazing ability to create things he crafted two orreries for Rutgers University in ________.
DelawarePennsylvaniaMassachusettsNew Jersey

Question 9: The coins where hand-struck by Rittenhouse, to test the new equipment, and were given to Washington as a token of appreciation for his contributions to making the ________ a reality.
Penny (United States coin)United States dollarDollar coin (United States)United States Mint

Question 10: [2] Former ________ Thomas Jefferson ordered six copies directly from the author.
United States NavyMilitary history of the United StatesUnited States Marine CorpsPresident of the United States


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