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David Manning (fictitious writer): Quiz


Question 1: Manning was credited to the Ridgefield Press, a small ________ weekly.
ConnecticutRhode IslandMassachusettsMaine

Question 2:
David Manning (fictitious writer), Sony and Sony BMG CD copy protection scandal are all:
Nonexistent people Sony Hoaxes in the United States Journalistic hoaxes

Question 3: During an investigation into Manning's quotes, ________ reporter John Horn discovered that the newspaper had never heard of him.
NewsweekForeign PolicySlate (magazine)Reader's Digest

Question 4: On the June 10, 2001 episode of Le Show, host ________ conducted an in-studio interview with David Manning.
The SimpsonsNancy CartwrightHarry ShearerHank Azaria

Question 5:
David Manning (fictitious writer), Stephen Glass (reporter) and Jayson Blair are all:
Journalistic hoaxes Sony Nonexistent people Hoaxes in the United States

Question 6:
David Manning (fictitious writer), Bogeyman and Lonelygirl15 are all:
Sony Hoaxes in the United States Nonexistent people Journalistic hoaxes

Question 7: The voice of Manning was provided by a computer ________.
Personal computerOS/2MacintoshSpeech synthesis

Question 8:
David Manning (fictitious writer), The War of the Worlds (radio) and Susan Smith are all:
Nonexistent people Hoaxes in the United States Sony Journalistic hoaxes


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