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David I of Scotland: Quiz


Question 1: When David's brother ________ died in 1124, David chose, with the backing of Henry I, to take the Kingdom of Scotland (Alba) for himself.
David I of ScotlandAlexander I of ScotlandEdgar of ScotlandMalcolm III of Scotland

Question 2: During his reign, royal sheriffs were established in the king's core personal territories; namely, in rough chronological order, at Roxburgh, Scone, ________, Stirling and Perth.
King's LynnNewcastle upon TyneBerwick-upon-TweedYork

Question 3: [50] David also founded Urquhart Priory, possibly as a "victory monastery", and assigned to it a percentage of his ________ (tribute) from Argyll.
Cain and AbelAbrahamMosesBible

Question 4: Before December was over, David marched into northern England, and by the end of January he had occupied the castles of Carlisle, Wark, ________, Norham and Newcastle.

Question 5: These included his foundation of ________, implementation of the ideals of Gregorian Reform, foundation of monasteries, Normanisation of the Scottish government, and the introduction of feudalism through immigrant French and Anglo-French knights.

Question 6: In the process, he came into conflict with King Stephen and was able to expand his power in northern England, despite his defeat at the ________ in 1138.
England and King David IBattle of the StandardDavid I of ScotlandNorthallerton

Question 7: [113] Burghs were settlements with defined boundaries and guaranteed trading rights, locations where the king could collect and sell the products of his cain and conveth (a payment made in lieu of providing the king ________).
HostelHospitality serviceHospitalityCouchSurfing

Question 8: David's force, apparently 26,000 strong and several times larger than the English army, met the English on 22 August at Cowdon Moor near Northallerton, ________.
West YorkshireNorth YorkshireSouth YorkshireMiddlesbrough (borough)

Question 9: The rebel Scots had advanced into Angus, where they were met by David's Mercian ________, Edward; a battle took place at Stracathro near Brechin.
EnglandUnited StatesPoliceConstable

Question 10: [53] Sometime before 1146 David appointed a native Scot called Aindréas to be the first Bishop of Caithness, a bishopric which was based at Halkirk, near ________, in an area which was ethnically Scandinavian.
InvernessCastletown, HighlandThursoWick, Highland


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